World Heritage Sites Award

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Dear OM, YL and SWL friends,

We introduce the new Amateur Radio Award W.H.S.A. dedicated to the World Heritage Sites as listed by the UNESCO in its official page

We asked to UNESCO to be the main sponsor of this project and we hope the Council will accept.

Start date of all WHSA activities was January 1st, 2014.

The purpose, of course is, to give large publicity to each World Heritage Reference the Radio Amateurs will activate, and to publish their reportages in a proper page, in this way we hope to increase the knowledge of the places that are recognized as "World Heritage".

We hope this Award will become an international HAM Award as almost 160 Countries have one or more Sites that have been awarded as "World Heritage Site". Of course for our purposes from these Sites we got a large number of objects or areas that have been listed as References of the W.H.S.A.

Even if this Award starts in Italy by A.R.I., the most important Italian Radio Amateur Association, we hope other Associations over the world will join our project and collaborate with us to update and manage the WHSA list.

The list we have made is to be considered provisional, as we know the situation of our Country but every other HAM Association knows its own situation better than us.

So every suggestion is welcome in order to integrate this list to get it as complete as possible.

And of course all National Radio Amateur Organizations are encouraged to take part to this project.


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